Quality control is a constant preoccupation at Membranes F.R. Liners inc.  We work hard to guarantee that the products and services meet or surpass the standards and specifications for every project.  The major components of our quality control programme are:

  • Documentation confirming that the raw materials comply with specifications: resins for geomembranes and fibers for geotextiles;
  • Documentation confirming that the geosynthetics comply with project specifications;
  • Shop drawings, including installation procedures;
  • Certificates of acceptance of soil subgrade;
  • Welding equipment calibration reports;
  • Daily field production reports;
  • Destructive and non-destructive seam test reports.

Upon completion of every project, a final report is produced and presented to the client specifying each of the control measures taken during installation.  As-built drawings, are also provided.